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The primary objective of XODP @ SourceForge.Net is to develop an open source software system which will allow communities of like-minded editors to create and maintain their own open content Web directories. We are currently in the very early planning stages of this project.

The first and most logical step to take in the planning phase of a project like XODP @ SourceForge.Net is the review of similar and related projects that are already underway. To wit, there are over 400 coding projects at SourceForge which are dedicated to indexing and/or search applications. Approximately fourteen of these projects are dedicated to developing systems like those envisioned by XODP @ SourceForge.Net, and many more are worth watching. For more information, see:

About XODP

XODP was founded by David F. Prenatt, Jr. (aka XODP Editall netesq) on May 28, 2000 as a discussion group and mailing list, and the XODP eGroup™ has functioned ever since that time as a think tank and free speech forum for progressive ideas about how the Internet should be indexed. XODP encourages the critical analysis of the various strategies and technologies that are currently being used to map and navigate the Internet. However, XODP's primary focus is on the role that human beings play as infomediaries in community-built Web indexes such as Netscape's Open Directory Project (ODP), the pioneer volunteer project from which XODP's name is derived. For more information about XODP, please the official XODP Home Page


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