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The projects listed below are projects that are currently underway at SourceForge which have objectives that are similar to XODP @ SourceForge.Net. Rather than reinventing the wheel, the first priority of XODP @ SourceForge.Net should be the completion of open content documentary reviews for each of these projects. To this end, XODP @ SourceForge.Net recommends that content contributors publish their reviews under the GNU Free Documentation License.

    [Note: The descriptions for the projects listed below were taken from their respective project summary pages. These descriptions have been proofread for spelling and grammar errors, but the projects themselves have not yet been reviewed.]

  • Add a link
    Linklist with mysql and PHP.

  • Birch
    Birch is a PHP4 project allowing users to create their own Yahoo! style directories. The source was derived from the phpHoo2 project, but includes new features including soft-linking of categories and a more powerful admin interface.

  • Cascade
    Cascade allows you to easily maintain a web-based Yahoo-like directory of resources using web-based forms.

  • FreeMoz Directory Project
    The OpenMoz project is working on creating a MySQL-based directory software similar to that used by the Open Directory Project. The project aims to eventually implement all the features of the ODP, and in most cases to exceed them.

  • LinkBase
    LinkBase is a web application (written in PHP) that helps to manage the Internet bookmarks of an organisation (such as a company, a school...) by centralizing those links in a single multi-user database (SQL). You can then access this base with a browser.

  • myCoolLinkList
    This Linklist uses a MySQL backend. It can handle mutiple Linklists in only 3 tables. Every Linklist has also Categories and Moderator functions. The Admin page has rich amount of features including easy un-/install. The design is clear but cool.

  • LinksEngine
    LinksEngine is an easy-to-use Directory Management program.

  • Next Generation Open Internet Directory
    To help build the Next Generation Internet on the foundation of Open Data.

  • painlinks
    painlinks is PHP-/MySQL-based link-management system. It allows you to categorize, add, delete and maintain your links.

  • phplinks
    phpLinks is an open source project written in PHP for use with MySQL, allowing one to run an extremely efficient Link Farm with full search capabilities. A "simulated" search engine in many ways.

  • plinks
    Php LINK manager, or bookmark manager in php. Intended to be extremely usable in a private/group environment, displayed in a yahoo style directory listing. Searchable, themeable, and template driven.

  • Renegate
    Renegate is a power house link management written in PHP using mySQL for data storage providing heirarchal directory listing, and easy management of resources. It allows unlimited depth of categorization, searching, displaying top links, and displaying new links.

  • wikilink
    wiklink is a web application for a community of users who wants to share their bookmarks online. Like wiki, anyone can freely edit or modify the links.

  • WebSight Directory System
    WebSight is a portal/directory system in the same vein as the Open Directory Project, Yahoo! or any of the other big webportals. Originally created as the portal/directory system for the Electronic Music World website, now available as open source.


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